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Press release from Frøya municipality 14.01.22


Status of infection

Frøya municipality currently has 15 confirmed PCR tests so far this week, and we are expecting a confirmation of 10-15 rapid tests. We have a doubling of case numbers compared with last week, which was expected given the rise in contagion we are seeing nationally.   


New national measures

The government held a press conference yesterday evening where they informed the public that some anti-contagion measures would be lessened.

  • We are now in a new phase of the pandemic. We know that Omicron gives a less serious illness and that the likelihood for hospitalization is less, said the prime minister yesterday evening.  


The new measures apply from the midnight tonight, Friday 14.01. 22. The changes that effect daycares (barnehage), schools and after school programs (SFO) will apply from midnight on January 15th. The measures may be revised in February.


Schools, daycares (barnehager) and after school programs (SFO)

Frøya municipality will go from yellow level to green level in schools and daycares from Monday, January 17th. This means that daycares and after school programs will begin operating with normal opening hours. The level of anti-contagion measures can vary from location to location. Parents are guardians should stay informed of what applies to them based on the information they receive from their children´s schools.


Rapid tests

You can pick up a rapid test for those who are close contacts or who have symptoms can be found at the Frøya doctors office in the outdoor testing location at kl 11:00 or at the entrance to the emergency room at kl 14:30 and in the reception to the Frøya hotel in the evenings.


Some measures have been lessened:

  • Green level for high schools
  •  Alchohol can now be served until kl. 23:00, but it must be served at tables
  • There are new rules for close contacts. Those who are not household members can test themselves on day 3 and 5 after exposure instead of going into quarantine. Close contacts should be watchful for any symptoms that arrive up to 10 days after contact.


Some measures will be continued:

  • It is recommended to reduce your number of close contacts
  • It is obligatory to wear a face mask in stores, shopping centres and other places where you cannot maintain your distance
  • Employees must facilitate for home office
  • It is recommended to avoid use of public transportation


For a full overview of the national rules and recommendations, see the government website at