Information in English

The Head Municipal Doctor at Frøya municipality enforces the following regulations:

The doctors office's opening hours from Monday 16 March until further notice is given are:
All weekdays from 6pm. 9 am - 4 pm. Phone 72 44 70 80 is operated from 09.00-1430.

In response to the escalating situation and the more urgent advice from the Norwegian Institute of Public Health (FHI) and the Norwegian Directorate of Health in the last 24 hours,  temporary kindergartens and schools will now be established from Monday the 16th of March onwards. These will be located in individuals schools or kindergartens where there is a need for childcare.   

Due to the Corona pandemic measures changes are now being made to the emergency room systems in Orkdal region.

There is a need for clarification of the recommendations the municipalities have given these last few days. We feel it is necessary for clarification as we have received many questions from both the inhabitants of our own and other municipalities. 

Hi all,

We ask all individuals with a home address outside of Frøya municipality to stay home.

Those with a home address at Frøya should also keep all travel outside the municipality to an absolute minimum.

Individuals/companies who receive tourists in connection to fishing or similar activities are also asked not to take in any travelers coming from outside the municipality, in as much as this is possible.  

These measures are taking in accord with the measures  set by the government yesterday.