We need everyone´s best effort now!

Contagion numbers are increasing in record speed around us and the situation is now serious accross the country. We could end up in a position where many people need to go into quarantine and isolation, our health care centers could come under great pressure, and we could be forced to go back into lockdown as we did in March and April.  As per now, we have good control over the contagion that is in the island region. However, it is important that we focus on good measures to avoid the spread of contagion.


We now need everyone to continue their good efforts – and at the same time put in an extra effort:


  • In the coming weeks, everyone is encouraged in the highest degree to stay home and limit social contact with other people in their free time.
  • Avoid large gatherings, esepcially if you are in the high risk group.
  • Limit your number of close social contacts
  • One should not have more than five guests to private households, cabins or gardens, in additions to household members.
  • Avoid unecessary domestic travel.
  • Limit use of public transportation.
  • It is important to keep activities safe for children andd youths. We suggest maintaining local activities/sports for children and youths. However it is important that anti-contagion measures are followed in this case.
  • If you have symptoms related to the Coronavirus, you must test yourself. This is also true if you have possibly been exposed to the virus. The test is free and takes place at the Frøya doctor´s office. There is great focus on testing all who require testing.
  • If you have traveled internationally, you must spend 10 days in quarantine. Updated information for travellers entering Norway can be found here:


And the most important: maintian distance, wash your hands, stay home if you are sick and limit near contacts.


Take care of the people around you – make a phone call and show that you care. We all need support from one another now!


Well done!


Ingrid Kristiansen

Head Municipal Doctor