Press release from Frøya municipality  19.08.21


1 new case of Covid 19

The trace of contagion is unknown. 68 close contacts have been placed in quarantine. Contagion tracing is underway and all close contacts will be contacted via phone or text message in the course of the evening.

2 classes at Guri Kunna high school, Frøya location, will be tested 20.08 and 23.08 instead of being placed in quarantine, as stated in the new test requirements. Students will recieve information about testing from the high school.


The infected individual was at the Dyrøy festival 14.8.

All those who are considered close contacts will be contacted by the contagion tracing team. All other individuals who were at the Dyrøy festival, including those who are vaccinated, must book a Covid-19 test by clicking on this link  . You should book your test Friday. 20.8 and remain in quarantine until you recieve a negative test result. The contagion tracing team does not have the capacity to contact everyone, but will be checking to see who has booked a test. Those who do not book a test tomorrow (Friday) will be contacted by the contagion tracing team in order to book a test. We have a list of those who purchased tickets to the festival.

If you purchased tickets for someone other than yourself, it is important that you contact the festival commity.

All those who were at Dyrøy festival, regardless of the test on Friday, should not hesitate to take anther test if any symptoms develop.

Greetings from the crisis management team.